As a lifetime resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and someone who has always donated time and money to his hometown, David Dellucci's objective is to bring back the values and togetherness that made Baton Rouge and Louisiana such a wonderful place to grow up.

striving to create a stronger community.

     Former Major League Baseball star David Dellucci created his foundation with a mission to create a stronger community through events and activities that will unite all people, regardless of age, race and financial status. As a former professional baseball player and World Champion, Dellucci understands the importance of working together as a team. However, functioning as one unit isn't possible without hard work and participation from everyone involved. His aim is to bring people together by creating unique opportunities with the goal of generating awareness of vital aspects of our community and placing emphasis on ways to improve those areas for the betterment of the everyone. The two primary targets of the David Dellucci Foundation's focus is the support and improvement of local law enforcement as well as the advancement of young people and creation of a better community in which they can thrive.

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